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How To Improve Your Personal Statement

To structure the body of your personal statement, there are various strategies you can use. Strategy 1: Describe your development over time One of the simplest strategies is to give a chronological overview of key experiences that have led you to apply for graduate school. What first sparked your interest in the field?

  • 1// Don't partake in an activity if the only reason you're going into it is "because it'll make my PS/application look better". (Muchos important!)

  • As with any formal essay or letter you write, your personal statement needs to be well written. Avoid grammar and spelling errors and remove clichés from your writing by double- and triple-checking your work. If.

  • 119: How to Improve Your Personal Statement in 20 Minutes Listen in itunes BLOG POSTS THAT INSPIRED THIS EPISODE The Great College Essay Test SHOW NOTES This episode represents part four of four in my epic mini-series with Tutor Ted and in this one I share what steps to take to turn your essay from “just okay” to “great.”


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